The following permits and applications may be required to start a mining operation at Gold Ridge:

  • Reclamation plan with a bond posted against its completion.
  • An identification number with both the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration and the Arizona State Mine Inspectors office as soon as the project advances beyond the exploration phase.
  • An MSHA approved ventilation plan and a ground support plan.
  • A mine rescue team on call.
  • Arizona Department of Water Resources permits for exploration holes and wells.
  • County highway use restrictions and maintenance requirements.
  • NPDES Multi-Sector General Permit for Industrial Activities for storm water runoff issued by the ADEQ.
  • An Air Quality Permit for crushing and screening.
  • An Aquifer Protection Permit.

** Some of these documents may not be needed if the scope and scale of a mining operation remain below certain thresholds. This will become clear once the company has completed a confirmation and definition drilling program and the most effective mine plan is decided upon.